Holy Trinity Badminton Club


Feb 28, 2024 - OCSB has informed us our April 28th gym rental is no longer available.  Please note this is an unscheduled cancellation.

Feb 27, 2024 - Nominations for next year's club directors is open now.  We need a total of 3 directors, and we have 1 current director not re-running for our 2024-2025 season.  Eugene and Vu will re-run.  If you are interested in candidacy, please email us at htbc@htbc.club.

Sep 04, 2023 - The HTBC schedule is updated: First day Sunday Sept 10th, 2023 and the last day is June 9th, 2024.  According to our gym rental contract with OCSB (Ottawa Catholic School Board), we'll have 29 Sundays; however, we are subject to changes by OCSB.  View the detailed schedule here: Schedule 

Club Capacity & Coaching Capacity

Basic Membership enrollment: 115/105 (full)

Coaching Program for day school grade 4 to 6 (@10am): 8 / 8 (full)

Coaching Program for day school grades 7 to 9 (@11am): 16 / 16 (full)

Coaching Program for day school grades 10 to 12 (@12pm): 12 / 16

Coaching Program for adults including uni/college (@1pm): 17 / 16 (full)

High Performance Coaching Program (@10am): 4 / 8

Considering Membership?

Membership Application Process

1) Apply as a Member

2) Preparation

3) Setting Expectations:

4) How it Works